Welcome to The Marriage Initiative. This website is a blog started by a married couple who has a passion for sharing our marriage with you. We want to share the ins and outs of how we’ve experienced marriage, and more importantly, we want to share the continuation of a story on how God brought two people together and made them one.  

The words, I do on that day is just the beginning of the turn of a new leaf for two people. Most of the time you do not hear or read about that side of the leaf after those words are shared. So we embrace you to come along side us as we experience this journey together. Because our blog is written with the panorama of a Christian worldview, we want you to be prepared to read posts with that scenery. Our hope is you will find our posts encouraging, intriguing, and challenging. You will find more than just our life events on this site; we will be sharing reflections, theology, stories, struggles, joys and much more in our marriage. On behalf of Chase and Kristin Mendoza, we welcome you to The Marriage Initiative.


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